Robotics and Automation

The new industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, offers opportunities for companies to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) this technology will improve their knowledge and efficiency, transparency and productivity of their internal supply chain. Allowing them to reduce costs and improve working conditions.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

    The COBOTs are highly suitable to help automation in small to medium size enterprises. They are well built with low maintenance,very compact, highly versatile and will fit into any production facility. ……………………………………………………… Case studies available to see now.

    Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

      The MiR range are a safe and cost effective line of mobile robots. The MiR 100 is CE certified and clean room certified. Ideal for clean rooms and hospitals.

      Benefits of automation

      Increase competitiveness
      Automation allows you to become more competitive because your production processes are automated. Product quality becomes more consistent because there is less dependency on the human error. Costs per part goes down due to increased levels in production speeds
      Automation helps increase production capacity
      Because machines can now work 24/7 unmanned; and even if working alongside operatives they are faster and do not need to stop for breaks or holidays etc. This could lead to 50 – 60% increase in output on normal shift work.

      Quality Compliance
      This is improved by automated manufacturing because inspection systems can be installed at the in the production line using sensors and vision systems to check for product defects. Errors can be rectified almost immediately.

      Reduces labour involvement
      Mundane, repetitive and more difficult tasks can now be automated with labour even being eliminated in the production process.

      Improvement in working conditions
      Automation allows the possibility to improve working conditions within the production process. I.e reducing the risks to health and safety. Also can eliminate the risk of repetitive strain injury.

      Because of improved conditions via automation it could make your business more attractive for the younger workforce. Adopting industry 4.0 technology makes your team stronger and more collaborative. Because of the availability of instant statistics management and production decisions can be operated with more real time effect.

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