VERSATILE and ADAPTABLE internal logistical load transporters

The four units in the MiR range are a safe and cost effective line of mobile robots. The MiR 100 is CE certified and clean room certified. Ideal for clean rooms and hospitals. The MiR 200 is CE certified, ESD approved and clean room certified. The MiR 500 and 1000 are designed to carry loads of up to 1000 kilograms. There are various adaptations which can be added to the machine so they can be utilised in different types of production facilities.

We have teamed up with Mobile Industrial Robots a leader in the manufacture of self guided vehicles.

Automating of repetitive internal logistics and material handling frees up labour. Minimise the use and risks of fork lift trucks.

  • Optimises your internal transportation of goods and pallets and allows employees to focus on higher value activities.
  • Efficient transportation of payloads up to 1000 kgs with high speed and safety.
  • Manoeuvres safely and efficiently around people
    and obstacles in even highly dynamic environments.
  • Requires no changes to existing facility.
  • Extremely flexible and can be redeployed for different tasks with customised top modules.
  • User-friendly interface that can be programmed without prior experience: Capacity, can manage up to 100 robots

How to increase workplace safety with mobile robots

MiR robots are perfect for addressing these two problems, they can remove the necessity of the fork lift truck from travelling amongst employees. The Mir has a carrying capacity of 1000 Kgs and is equipped with sensors to guide it and ensures that is never collides with obstacles that gets into its path.

They can also replace the need for workers to collect and push trolleys and pump trucks that are necessary to ensure parts are available for production or rubbish to be taken away.

Because they are designed to integrate into the shop floor and carry out low value menial tasks collaboratively amongst employees, they can also help prevent injuries such as musculoskeletal disorders, which can be common in manual labouring.

Fatigue is directly linked boredom and increased workplace accidents and injuries. Mirs can help by taking on these tiring tasks, as well as signalling if incorrect items are scanned, or moved without scanning. Relief from boredom is key to help keep workers alert and reduce fatigue related errors.

Two of the biggest problems facing industry today are injuries at work and a gross lack of suitable applicants to fill vacancies. The only way to overcome these obstacles is to automate processes and get better productive value from existing employees

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