Stretch and Shrink Films

Many people are under the impression that Stretch film and Shrink film are the same product. Although they are similar, they are a few ways that separate them in terms of usage. Stretch Wrap or Stretch Film is a plastic film which is highly stretchable and used to wrap around items. Heat Shrink Wrap or Shrink Film is a material made up from polymer plastic film that is used to wrap items that shrinks when heat is applied. Both keep items tightly bound and are used in a number of ways and are an excellent solution to any pallet wrapping problems.

Everything You Need to Know About Stretch Film

Stretch Film is commonly used to unitize pallet loads, boxes or any large cargo items. It protects the cargo from damage, being tampered with or theft. Stretch Wrap is wrapped using two main methods, vertical and horizontal development. The film is wrapped around items and any tension can be adjusted to suit. If the tension is too tight, the cargo may become damaged. This is where Stretch Film is useful as it can be altered. Types of Stretch Film that are; bundling, hand stretch, extended core, machine and static dissipative film. Stretch Film is a popular method of pallet wrapping which is beneficial in multiple ways.

  • Protection – A very sturdy wrap which offers security in terms of stability. It offers protection from dust, liquid, debris. UV Stretch Film is also useful in protecting items from sun damage.
  • Cost Effective – Stretch Film is one of the most inexpensive methods of pallet wrapping. Equipment is also cheaper is also more energy efficient than other forms of pallet wrap machinery.
  • Recyclable – Stretch Film can be disposed of with relative ease and is easy to recycle.
  • Adaptability – The wide selection of choice when it comes to Stretch Wrap is useful and can be purchased to suit specific requirements. It can also be used for any surface of item.

Everything You Need to Know About Shrink Film

Shrink Film differs from the above as it shrinks tightly to whatever it is covering when heat is applied. Heat is applied through the use of a handheld gun or by passing the wrapped cargo through a heat tunnel or oven. Shrink Film is used in multiple purposes some of which include; vehicles, scaffolding, food, books, CDs & DVDs, pallet loads and to even wrap around buildings. The thickness, clarity and strength are dependent on which type is used. The film is wrapped using either the crosslinked method or non-crosslinked. Shrink film can take the form of tubing, wrap, banding, pallet wrap and single wound. Shrink film also has its advantages, a few of which are displayed below.

  • Storage – Shrink Wrap can be used in almost any conditions. Ice, water, harsh weather conditions.
  • Cost Effective – Shrink Film is cheaper than a lot of other packaging methods and can use substantially less material when packaging items.
  • Space Saver – The weight and volume of shrink wrap uses minimal floor space. It compounds items in a tightly bound manner due to the heat shrinkage.
  • Shipping – Popular amongst storage companies due to the low cost of shipping in Shrink Wrap. Cheap to transport globally due to the amount of space needed.

Whatever your packaging needs, Shrink and Stretch Wrapping is a popular way of going about it. If you want your items to be stored and transported safely and with no risk, then Shrink or Stretch Film may be the product for you.

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