Pallet wrap

We have over 400 varieties of  Machine Stretch Wrap and Hand Pallet Wrap. All from stock, for next day delivery.

Whilst the machine that you use to wrap your pallets is of course a vital component in your packaging operation, of equal importance is the pallet wrap itself. We stock a full range of high quality, competitively priced wrap so whatever type of machine you have, we can supply you with pallet stretch wrap that suits your machines specification. You can find technical details pertaining to the various products below and if you need any help choosing the best material for your pallet wrap machine, please do not hesitate to call us during business hours on 01902 570 292, or send an email at any time.

We stock full range of high quality, high performance compatibly priced wrap. Depending on the type of machine and its stretching ability we can supply 0-400% stretch.

BETA: –  High Quality Machine Pallet Wrap

It is essential that machine pallet stretch wrap (the % stretch ratio of the film) matches the performance (stretch ratio) of the pallet wrapper

To cover all types of pallet wrapping machines in the market, BETA pallet wrap is available in five categories.

BETA Pre stretched: – for mechanical brake machines
BETA standard: –         for mechanical brake machines
BETA PS: –                  for machines with a stretch ratio up to 200%
BETA SPS: –                for machines with a stretch ratio from 200% up to 300%
BETA /ULTRA/ HS: –   for machines with a stretch ratio from 250% to over 400%

BETA / S / PS / SPS rolls weight 16 kilos and have a micron range of 15 to 30.

BETA /ULTRA/ HS are a new generation of films that are ultra-thin, very strong with exceedingly high stretch ratios of up to 380%. They range of thickness from 12 to 30 micron.

These offer very competitive wrapping costs with lower packaging waste returns.

Machine films;-                                             Full range of colours. Custom printing even power stretch films.

BETA: – High Quality Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap

The full, range of sizes and grades are available from stock, 3 – 4 days or next day by arrangement.
Blown films

Blown films
1. 400 x 300 x12 mcr with metalocene
2. Classical films available from 14 to 34 mcr. full range of thickness and widths
3. Hi Yield; –   Thinner,
11 to 16 mcr, but with same strength as films 20% thicker. Greener with cheaper wrapping costs.
4. Pre-stretched or pre-programed:-        6 mcr to 12 mcr
Very easy to apply, shrinks on to the load as released from the roll.
Cast films
1. 400 x 300 x 11 with metalocene the equivalent to 14 micron.
2. 14 to 34 mcr.  The original range of pallet wrap.3. Hollow Wrap. Coreless pallet wrap with special 100% stretch dispenser.  See video
Hand films available with or without extended cores. Full range of colours and Custom printing.

Vent and Breath:-  Perforated pallet wrap

3 rolls of vented pallet wrap

  This intelligent pallet wrap will help solve the problems of products that

Need to coolNeed to freezeNeed to breathe
Food Industry
Pet Food
Eggs & Cheese
Reduces cooling
Time and
Ice Cream
VegetablesReduces time & energy costs
Extends storage life
Allows    methane to escape
Reduces packaging waste.                         Environmentally friendly                                           Extremely strong.
Increases life of plants & fresh food in storage & transit
and the
 problems associated with wet cartons & mildew

Available as

Macro perforated        hand rollsLarge holePre stretched
Macro perforated             machine rollsLarge holePre stretched
Macro perforated             machine rollsMedium holePower stretch 220% to 300%
Flower wrap                 hand rollssmall holeFor small leaves
Pallet netting;-                hand & machinenettingPP not LDPE

Hand dispensers

Classical dispensersHollow wrapWalk- About

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