Stripped down pallet wrapper

UK mainland;- repair and maintenance service for pallet wrapping machines

Pallet wrapping machines do require regular servicing (most manufacturers recommend every 1000 hours), dependant on working environment

  1. We attend site and can repair most broken down pallet wrappers.
  2. We offer a maintenance program for pallet wrapping machines throughout the UK mainland

Why bother to have your pallet serviced ?

  1. Because it could prevent it braking down and then attracting a costly repair fee
  2. Having your pallet wrapper serviced will extend its working life
  3. To make sure it is stretching the film (that you buy), in a cost effective manor

Free of charge service

  • Are you aware that proper stretching of the film is necessary to optimize load retention capabilities of the film to secure your goods to the pallet.
  • Adding additional and unnecessary layers of film to the load is not the best way to retain the load and save money.
  • Overwrapping is a common habit in the trade; often done through good intent.

Pallet wrapping machine and stretch film auditing

  • Just because your pallet wrapper is applying film to the load, it does not mean to say that it is working efficiently. It could be losing you money on every pallet it wraps.
  • Not pre stretching it properly is impossible to see !.  You just continue to spend £10/20/30K on stretch film and waste valuable time looking for cheaper films.
  • It may be possible to save up to 100% of film by having the pre stretch mechanism checked by an expert.
  • Making holes in the film or just breaking it is easy to see.

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