Freezer Spacer Trays


Is part of your business defrosting or freezing food?

If so you could freeze up to 17% faster & decrease blast freezer running costs by using EU approved plastic freezer spacers, know as egg trays.

Working temperature – 40 degrees Max Load 4000 Kilos
Sizes mm. 1000 x 1200 x 35 or 65.  800 x 1200 x 35
designed to nest black or white, washable.


Freezer Spacers reduce product tempering times by up to 50% (Maxi spacers up to 80%) due to the 5 way airflow. They increase blast freezer capacity by up to 25%, provide excellent cold conductivity and give chilled products longer shelf life. The Spacers are maintenance free as they are virtually unbreakable and nest to save floor space. Available in white or black, 35mm or 65mm (Maxi) deep, or any colour to special order.

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