Driverless Forklift Truck


  • No driver = no accidents
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved working environment
  • Short payback times
  • Easy to integrate
  • Quick and easy installation

Automating your company’s in-house transport by means of an automated
guided vehicle from Global AGV you can reduce the amount of manual
processes, improve the working environment and increase your company’s
productivity. An AGV contributes to reducing your costs as it runs with low
energy consumption. Therefore, you will achieve substantial labour cost
savings if you use an automated guided vehicle, which can run 24 hours a day.

The driverless truck navigates with a laser system following predetermined
driving routes and emits laser beams that are reflected by the surroundings
and received again, allowing the AGV to constantly manoeuvre around any

Comparison of Costs

Video Showcase and Case StudiesClick here

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