Collaborative Robots (cobots)

Did you know
Robot is a rare example of an artificially invented word becoming established in general vocabulary. It was introduced in the 1920 science fiction play Rossum’s Universal Robots by the Czech writer Karel Capek. He derived the word from Czech robota; forced labour; serfdom.

It will carry out with ease repetitive tasks effectively and without loss of efficiency.

It will carry out with ease tasks that are difficult for a manual operation to do effectively and consistently.

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• Can work safely alongside operatives without guarding or work by itself.
• Easy to program and competitively priced
• Robust and high quality construction.
• The compact and highly flexible arm makes it ideal for applications where access is restricted i.e. machine tending. It has +/- 360 degrees rotation on all axes.
• Available in 4 sizes

PAYLOADS: 3kg | 5kg | 10kg | 16kg
REACH: 500mm | 850mm | 1300mm | 900mm

Manufactured by Universal Robots – the market leader in this sector; Operating in over 50 countries worldwide.
They are highly suitable to help automation in small to medium size enterprises. They are well built with low maintenance. They are very compact, highly versatile and will fit into any production facility. They are easy to install. Once set up fast paybacks are generally experienced.

We support our Cobot installations with a large selection of robotic attachments for industrial robots . We have an extensive range of collaborative products that integrate with your robot of choice such as light cameras to guide the machines with vacuum and adaptive grippers, allowing for the full automation of packaging, quality control, materials handling, machine tending, palletising, assembly and surface finishing.

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Case studies

2K Trend Application: Machine Tending, Material Handling

Creative Revolution Application: material handling & welding

BetacomApplication: material handling, assembly & machine tending

Shad Application: machine tending & finishing

RupesApplication: sliding base for cobot. one machine serveral work positions

All Axis machining Application: machine tending & finishing

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