(Servo assisted not pneumatic)

Extremely strong designed for 24/7 365 operation with a focus on minimal maintenance. It has a capacity of 4 layers per minute or available as a very fast “high loading” version at 7 layers per minute.

Variable pallet dispenser unit, operating with either  Euro and UK standard pallet, change size at press of a button. In-built Scanner to detect unsealed cartons. ie. loose flaps. Stops machine stacking an unstable load.

Extra;– Automatic  application of inter-layer sheet if required. It is a highly reliable, extremely fast and an environmentally friendly production system. Driven by servo motors instead of using compressed air. It is far cheaper than compressed air to operate. Savings up to £750.00 per month on running costs

The machine handles all common types of packaging such as cardboard boxes, plastic crates, trays, and film-coated items.
The user-friendly control panel, the operator can easily programme new pallet patterns as well as modify existing ones. In addition to this, error conditions, if any, are displayed graphically on the panel, which minimises downtime.

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