Walk A Bout Mobile Pallet Wrapper

The Walk A Bout mobile pallet wrapper is a very user-friendly way of wrapping pallets up to 2m high with stretch film. All that needs to be done is to attach the film to the pallet and walk around it while winding the film carriage up the mast.

It stops the regular practice of bending down and walking backwards while pulling the stretch the film. Extra items can be added to make it more productive and user-friendly. It has a minimal working footprint and is very light and easy to handle and, therefore can be moved to wherever the unwrapped pallet is waiting. This removes the necessity to move unstable or unwrapped pallets onto a static turntable


• Eliminates manual operation
• Improves the operators working conditions and opportunity for injury
• Uses pre-stretched, standard or power pre-stretched film.
• Easy to move anywhere as it does not require electricity.
• It wraps pallets up to 2m – 2.4m

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