Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

We can automate almost anything.
Reduces labour costs per unit of production
Guaranteed levels of output. No coffee lunch tea breaks holiday or sickness

PAYLOADS: 3kg | 5kg | 10kg | 16kg
REACH: 500mm | 850mm | 1300mm | 900mm
Applications. In line, production, assembly | EOL heavier items, lift & palletise

  1. Can work safely alongside operatives without guarding or work by itself unattended.
  2. Robust and high quality construction. Easy to program
  3. The compact and highly flexible arm makes it ideal for applications where access is restricted i.e. machine tending. It has +/- 360 degrees rotation on all axes.

Attachments for most industries
Glue dispensing & welding. Injection moulding. Screw driving. Quality inspection. Laboratory analysis. Picking &
Palletising. Machine tending. Industrial assembly. Pick & place. + Much more


  1. We can automate almost anything.
  2. Consistently higher levels of output with next to zero scrap/waste.
  3. Ideal for short runs because of very fast programming times.
  4. Lower your production costs while increasing productivity at the same time.
  5. Small footprint, easy to move to a different workstation.
  6. Fast payback (ROI)

Case Studies – Use this link to access our case studies

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