What is Overwrapping?

You probably encounter overwrapping every day, even if you are not entirely sure what it is. So what exactly is overwrapping, and what benefits does it provide over other types of wrapping? Here we take a closer look.

Overview of Overwrapping

Overwrapping is a process used to wrap products. Essentially, overwrapping refers to wrapping a product using a flexible material, which could be paper, stretch film or even foil.

However, it usually refers to a specific type of wrapping called ‘tuck and fold’. This makes use of heat sealable film, which is wrapped around a product – or various products – and then sealed in a way that the end folds resemble an envelope.

Basic Overwrapping Process

Overwrapping is carried out using an overwrapping machine. Heat sealable film is fed into the machine from a roll, which is then folded around the product. Sometimes it goes around one item, but sometimes it goes around a bundle of items.

Once the film is in position, the sealing takes place. This can use various techniques, but heating is the most common. In this case, the folded film is closed by a heated sealing device.

This machine automates the process and allows for the overwrapping of many items in a short space of time.

Advantages of Overwrapping

Overwrapping is not always the right solution for your products, but it has a number of advantages that make it well worth considering in many situations.

Versatile – It can be used as primary wrapping (where the material comes into contact with the product), or as secondary wrapping (where the product has already been packaged). It can also be used to wrap bundles of products.

Attractive – Overwrapping looks appealing and adds a high-quality hand-wrapped feel to a product, which is ideal for things like beauty products.

Tamper Proof – If the product with overwrapping is tampered with and the seal is broken, it is very difficult to reseal. As a result, it provides an extra level of security.

Better Shelf Life – Its strong seal prevents cross-contamination and helps to keep aromas locked inside, which is ideal for strong-smelling products like perfume.

Promotion Benefits – The film can be printed on directly, and in this way it can be used to print promotional messages without the need to add labels.

Cost-Effective – One of the major benefits of overwrapping is that it is typically cheaper than other options like shrink wrapping.

Reduced Waste – Overwrapping produces less waste than shrink wrapping, and biodegradable film wastage can be composted.

Easy to Open – The wrapping can also be removed with the hands quickly and easily without causing damage to the product by introducing a tear tape.

Consider Overwrapping for Your Products

There are many reasons why overwrapping is often a great option for packaging, whether that is because of its reduced costs, more attractive presentation or ability to keep products safe. So consider using overwrapping for your products, and enjoy all the benefits that it provides.

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