Types Of Advanced Heat Sealers Used For Industrial Purposes

Focus Packaging Ltd. is the premier provider of specialised packaging solutions in the UK. With over 15 years of industry experience, we have emerged as a one-stop destination for all your packaging-related needs. Our comprehensive stock of heat sealers have been developed using state-of-the-art technology and are offered at very competitive prices.

We Offer a Wide Range of Heat Sealers

At Focus Packaging Ltd., we carry an extensive selection of heat sealers including impulse heat sealers, vacuum heat sealers, constant sealers, heavy duty heat sealers, hand held sealers, pedestal mounted sealers and bench top sealers. Our state of the art sealing machinery can effectively seal an array of materials, such as polythene bags, PVC, tubing and more. Irrespective of what kind of heat sealer you need for the smooth operation of your business, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our Heat Sealers Can be Customised to Meet Specific Requirements

Focus Packaging Ltd. works with a dynamic team of highly-skilled professionals who are proficient in developing made to order heat sealers. Our bespoke sealing machines can take care of any specialised packaging needs you have. By making use of advanced and innovative technology, our sealing machinery meets stringent business needs, along with fitting in to your exact budget requirements

We Carry a Selection of Automatic L-Sealers and Shrink Tunnel Equipment

If your business requires you to seal large volumes of small or lightweight items, you should check out our selection of automatic L-sealers and shrink tunnel equipment. By utilising this machinery, you will be guaranteed optimum output with very little effort. Furthermore, the products will automatically move along the conveyor belt and you will only be required to remove the product from the belt, once the process is completed.

If you need to seal extremely large or bulky items, you can integrate into your automated production line a sealer with LDPE shrink film.

All our L-sealers and shrink tunnel equipment are available not only to buy, but also to lease.


All Our Products Are Designed to Last

At Focus Packaging Ltd., we are dedicated to providing manual and automatic heat sealers of the highest quality. Our products have a robust design and industrial quality strength to ensure the smooth operation of the packaging process.

For excellent, competitively priced heat sealers, along with outstanding customer service, call Focus Packaging Ltd. today!

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