Top 3 Pallet Wrapping Machines for Industry

Focus Packaging are pallet wrapping machine and stretch film specialistsIndustries need technology – that is a fact of the game. Packaging-focused industries in particular have seen a growing influence of technology in warehouses across the world. The reason? Manual labour is becoming less efficient beside the rising power of machinery when wrapping pallets. Machines are undoubtedly faster, more secure, and provide a more uniform application of stretch wrap across all pallets to minimise industry costs spent on supplies. For these reasons, many industries are turning to pallet wrapping machines to ensure their pallets are wrapped to the highest standards for transportation and storage. With so many pallet wrapping machines on the market, how can you determine which is the best?

Saving You Time, Effort, and Money

At its core, pallet wrapping is a simple yet time consuming process. Stretch wrap is applied across the surface of a loaded pallet to prevent pallet movement during transit and to protect all products contained within from the effects of weather and damage by other objects when in transit. When applied manually with hand stretch wrap, the pallets can suffer from a lack of uniformity that any business seeks to maintain across all transported goods. The stretch film is often subjected to tears and breakage when used which can cause businesses to lose valuable money in unused, damaged supplies.

Pallet wrapping machines save businesses the strain of damaged film and time consumption by providing a more effective alternative to manual stretch wrapping. Turntable-style pallet wrapping machines are able to be quickly loaded up and digital displays offer more advanced control and application of the film across all pallets. With stretch wrapping machines that can measure the height of a pallet and wrap it accordingly, there is minimal waste film used. Add to this that machine stretch wrap is often stronger and more durable than hand stretch wrap, requiring less layers of coverage for the same size of pallet. Add to all of this the fact that pallet wrapping machines operate far quicker than manual wrapping, and your business output is improved.

The way forward in pallet wrapping is the use of machinery, there is no question of this. (That is not to say smaller industries should not use hand stretch wrap – it still produces a fine result when applied properly!) Numerous manufacturers have begun to utilise their knowledge to benefit the packaging industry, resulting in pallet wrapping machines that make a smooth transition from manual to technical work. The following three ranges are the leaders of the pack.

1.    Robopac Top 3 Pallet Wrapping Machines for Industry

Undoubtedly the largest range of pallet wrapping products on the market is Robopac, providing quality sturdy machines to suit all levels of industry. With more than 20 years of experience under their manufacturing belts, these machines are trusted by industries worldwide to provide their machines, boasting over 130,000 machines in use internationally. For a recognisable name in your warehouse, Robopac is the range for you.

They supply models that are suited to businesses making their initial transition towards the use of pallet wrapping machines such as the Ecoplat Base. A semi-automatic turntable-style pallet wrapping machine, it has a maximum weight and height limit of 2000kg and 2200mm respectively. Easy-to-use controls are accessed through a base control panel, allowing user input to set various functions by using advanced electromechanical buttons. The in-built weigh scale has a digital readout function and offers you variable tensioning to suit your requirements. With a 3-year warranty backed by numerous UK engineers there is no reason not to invest in a new Robopac pallet wrapping machine. Supplying fully automatic stretch wrap machines, advanced mobile wrapping machinery, and traditional turntable machines all available for purchase, your professionals will be working with the very best the industry has to offer.

2.    Aetna

Robopac products are part of the wider manufacturing group Aetna. Internationally renowned for their work with packaging technology, Aetna supply various pallet wrapping and packaging solutions for businesses worldwide. Reaching out across various types of pallet wrapping machinery means that they are able to supply your business with machines to suit all warehouse sizes and budgets.

For industrial professionals who can afford to invest in large-scale machinery, Aetna offer the ideal pallet wrapping station in their Helix 4 rotating arm pallet wrapper. Fully automatic and designed with a robust steel framework, the Helix 4 applies stretch film to pallets that require above-average amounts of film to be held securely, usually those that are prone to damage in the wrapping process. By using a rotary arm in its design, this model is capable of wrapping a pallet that does not fit the usual limitations other pallet wrappers conform to. This makes it the ideal choice for industries with a wide variety of pallets that are requiring wrapping, and with an average output of 80 pallet

3.    C1 Pallet Wrapping Machines

Not to be outdone by competitors, C1 pallet wrapping machines are available that are supplied to businesses internationally. Their models are known for being used for the most strenuous of pallet wrapping tasks with an ability to be controlled by users and wrap pallets quickly and efficiently. Their products work as a suitable alternative to other larger competitors and their models have proven to be popular within packaging businesses as their name has grown.

The Alpha 601 pallet wrapping machine is another great entry-level pallet wrapping machine suited to smaller businesses who require a more affordable and efficient method of wrapping palletised products. It is ideal for saving your business time and money due to its ability to stretch film up to 400% its original length for use on between 40 – 100 pallets per day. It is perfect for low-output businesses that still require a pallet wrapping solution that comes recommended by other industry professionals. The Alpha range is more than able to suit your needs for a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine. Choosing from the Alpha 205, 406, 508 and more is up to you!

Choose The Model That Fits Your Business

These three manufacturers are just some of the numerous suppliers of pallet wrapping machines on the market. It is up to you to determine which model would best suit your needs, but be assured that in choosing any of these three, you will be buying three of the best. Keep your pallet wrapping stress-free and efficient. Choose a pallet wrapping machine the industry trusts. Contact us for more information on how to find the machine that is made for you.

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