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What are the Best Strapping Materials to Use?


Strapping materials are the products which are used to hold, combine, stabilise or fasten items. Used frequently in the packaging industry, strapping materials can come in various forms. Whatever your load, a suitable strapping material can be provided to make sure your items remain fastened and secure. There are four main types of pp strapping which we offer along with accessories to suit your requirements.


Customised Printed Strapping

If you want your packaging to stand out from the crowd, then custom printed strapping may be the best option for you. A great way to market your company and a subtle way of creating brand recognition. Customised Printed Strapping adds a professional touch which will be visible on any parcels, products or items that your business sells. Your organisation will be easily identified while making sure your goods remain fastened, stable and safe.


Polythene & Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene and Polythene Strapping is one of the most popular methods of making sure goods stay as safe. Designed for light duty palletising, they are available in various thicknesses and widths. Polythene and Polypropylene may be printed either during the manufacturing stage or pre-embossing, or post production. This is another great way of marketing your business and it offers security and ensures that items are fastened and packaged tightly.


Woven Strapping

Woven Strapping comes in a few different forms the most popular being polyester. They offer a tight secure hold on packed items that retain tension over long periods of time. The tightening of woven strapping is less susceptible to loosening and any external forces that may hinder its grip on a load. Woven Strapping uses a buckle as a joint and are one of the lighter weight methods of strapping.


Steel & Plastic Buckles for Strapping

Buckles which are manufactured from steel and plastic offer a strong seal to suit your strapping needs. They are a great method for securing items to make sure they do not shift during transport or storage. Sturdy Steel buckles are easy to tighten or loosen at any time with minimal effort. Whether you opt for a Plastic or Steel bound buckle, both will give you security and safety when dealing with heavy duty items.


Edge Protectors

Corner Protectors or Edge Protectors are a great way of making sure your goods are protected and remain in the same contrition no matter the use. They are designed to act as a protective layer between the edge of the goods and the strapping that you choose. They are also useful n tying down loads and providing an extra layer of stabilisation. They duration of the lifespan of strapping materials is increased, as well all while safeguarding the items.


Printed Strapping

Printed Strapping is similar to customised printed strapping but differs in the sense that things other than the name of your business can be printed on the straps. Common examples include phrases such as ‘Do Not Stack’ or ‘Fragile Items’. They act as instructions to anyone handling or transporting the load. Whatever you want to be printed, Focus Packaging can supply.



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