Strapping Machines and Tools

Strapping machines can use polypropylene (PP strapping), polyester (PE strapping), or steel banding for heavy weight products. These machines are either static or hand-held with many practical features to increase production rates.

For low volume, heavy items such as export crates, our range of hand held strapping tools offer an ideal solution. Our range includes tensioning, crimping, and combination tools, with both manual and electric models available.

If you need to strap two or three cartons together, seal a carton, or bundle items such as newspapers, then a strapping machine is an easy solution. They can be semi-automatic, with the user simply pulling the strap across by hand, or stand-alone automatic for use on conveyor lines without human intervention.

Focus Packaging are renowned for offering some of the best engineered machines in the industry, with our products using less energy than cheaper machines and offering a faster output. We also have a team of field service engineers who can service the machines on your premises, ensuring you get a long, efficient working life from your products.

(A back to base guarantees can mean you being without a production machine for a undetermined period of time.)

Samba multi strapping applicator

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