Polythene Bags, Polythene Sheets, Layflat Tubing

If you are looking for good quality, low cost, polythene bags and sheets, we can help. We stock and manufacture to order a wide variety of bags, layflat tubing and sheets, all of which can be delivered to your UK business address at very attractive rates. Whether you need heavy duty polythene bags or polythene food grade bags as well as Dolav liners, our friendly sales team will be more than pleased to take your order and provide any help or advice you may require. We also supply builder’s polyphone rolls and a pallet covers or gusted bags, and can customise any of these products with our 6-colour, high-quality printers.


Polythene Bags

Polythene Bags are a type of storage which is used to protect food and other household items.


Polythene Sheets

Polythene Sheets are the Sheet version of a Polythene Bag. They are used to wrap around items.


Layflat Tubing

Polythene Layflat Tubing (LFT) is an endless and seamless tube of polythene which can measure whatever length is needed. It is also a great way of manufacturing your own polythene bags.




Polythene is the most common packing material which is cheap to purchase and are easy to recycle. They are also reusable and can be used hundreds of times before they begin to wear out. Below is a table of all the Polythene Bags, Sheets and LFT that we provide. Depending on your storage needs, we are able to provide you with whatever matches your requirements.


Materials Printing
Low-density (LDPE)
Medium density (MDPE)
High density (HDPE)
6 colour quality printers
Print type; registered & random
Lightfast inks
Sample and design service Additives Heavy duty products
Slip co-efficient
Linear rich
Food quality hygiene production
Pallet mat (Embossed sheets)
Lay flat tubing (LFT)
Dust & pallet shrink covers
Builder’s rolls
General productsBags Point of sale
Side & bottom weld
Block headed
Skirt side welded bags
Wicketted bags
Reverse fill bags
Gusseted bags
Mailing bags
High quality registered 6 colour print
Re-Enforced with Eyelets
Short runs
Box shaped covers
Machine covers
Individually packed items
Lip & Permanent Seal applications











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