Pre-owned | Refurbished

Pre Used Pallet Wrappers for sale.

Offered with parts warranty.

They have been serviced and working parts replaced as necessary.

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Robopac 508

Pre owned Power Stretch Pallet Wrapper


Turn table diameter   1650 mm

Max load height         2200 mm

Pallet size                  1000 x 1200

Max load                       2000 kgs

Multi programmable machine, ideal for

 1/ High volume users

2/ Heavy loads

3/ Very light or very delicate loads.

4/ different film lay on tensions for the load

5/ waterproof, top cover wrap

6/ Reinforcing wrap

7/ Damp or chilled conditions

For Immediate Sale

2 pallet pre owned pallet wrappers with 6 months mechanical parts warranty

Robopac 507 PDF. YOM: 2013  £2950.00

Robopac Ecoplat base. YOM: 2016. £1750.00

Robopac Ecoplat base with 1500mm turntable. NEW MACHINE

warranty 36 months electrical | 24 months parts

Delivery all machines England – wales £395.00 Cornwall POA

Ramps POA

Alpha 507 Super Power Stretch Pallet Wrapper

Alpha 507

A very good power stretch pallet wrapper in excellent condition.

It has 6 months parts warrantee and has been fully serviced.

Multi programmable machine, ideal for

  1. High volume users
  2. Heavy loads
  3. Very light or very delicate loads.
  4. Damp or chilled conditions
  5. Selected wrapping programs that can be security locked
507 PDS/507 TP PDS – Turntable for packaging with stretch film
Carriage The power stretch unit can be used as a fixed 250% stretch, or controlled from the panel and changed to a variable 0 to 250% stretch
Machine Characteristics
Plate diameter 1650 mm
Turntable rotation speed: 4-12 rpm
Fork lifting (507 PGS) Front and Rear
Fork lifting (507 TP PGS) Rear
Power supply voltage 230 Volt 1 Ph – 50/60 Hz
Installed power 1.3 kW
Phase stopping (+/-20 mm)
Pre-stretch ratio 250 (O 200%, 0 300%) OPT 150,200,250,300%
Soft start STD
Characteristics of the product to be wrapped
Maximum dimensions (LxW) 1000 x 1200 mm 
Maximum useful height: 2200 mm
Maximum load weight (507 PGS): 2000 kg
Film spool characteristics
Max. external diameter (D): 300 mm
Film spool height (h): 500 mm (optional 750 mm)
Film thickness: 17-35 µm
Internal diameter (d): 76 mm
Max. weight: 20 kg
Ear Flap Mechanical Brake Pallet wrapper with ramp

6 months parts warranty

Robopac 507 power stretch
Only 3 years old6 months parts warranty
Robot Master
Wraps any size load by itself6 months parts warranty

Turn table capacity 2000 kgs

Pallet size 122 x 1000 x 2200mm

Single phz electric

Turn table capacity 2000 kgs

Pallet size1200 x 1000 x 2200mm

Single phz electric

Turn table capacity 2200 kgs

Pallet size1200 x 1000 x 2200mm

Single phz electric

Robopac Pallet Wrapper

Well built reliable pallet wrapper

Serviced with new turn table motor

6 months parts warranty

CE certified

    • 250% power stretch
    • Turntable weight 2000 kgs
    • Pallet size 1200 x 1000 mm
    • Wrapping height 2200mm
    • Single phase
  • Fork liftable

Lantech 300 – Used Power Stretch Pallet Wrapper

Rare opportunity to acquire an extremely well built and reliable pallet wrapper in a very good condition

Serviced with a 6 months parts warranty

    • 200% power stretch
    • turn table weight 1840 kgs
    • pallet size 1200 x 1000 mm
    • wrapping height 2032 mm
  • fork liftable

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