Alpha Hydra

Alpha Hydra – Walk A Bout

Two Machines for the Price of One

Ideally suited for Pick & Mix & Wrap operations

It’s highly mobile with an adjustable platform which travels up and

down the mast driven by a battery.  Level the platform to the shelf that’s being unloaded or loaded. Then just slide the goods across.

No more lifting or bending with weighty cartons.

When the platform is full push the HYDRA to the pallet that’s being loaded.

Lower platform to appropriate level and just slide goods off. Then lift the

platform 90 degrees to convert it to a pallet wrapping machine. Just walk

around the pallet, the film carriage will rise up and down the mast by itself.

It has been designed to save time, money, effort and safeguard health.

The HYDRA works as lifter and assistant for stacking pallets and can be

immediately converted into a stretch-film wrapper.

Lifting Specification

  • Dimension of the lifting plate: 500 x 450 mm
  • Lifting plate in aluminium
  • Maximum lifting height: 1500 mm
  • Maximum lifting weight: up to 70 kg, with decreasing steps

Film Wrapping Specification

  • Pre-stretched film with 9-10-12-15 mcr thickness
  • External film roll diameter 120 mm
  • Stretch-film roll height 440/450 with a max core-holder height of 460 mm
  • Internal core Ø: 55 mm
  • Maximum pallet height: 2000 mm
  • Adjustable film carriage speed. (one charge will wrap about 50 pallets)
  • Regulation of the stretch-film tension through

Walk forward — good visibility with an upright posture

Allows an upright posture whilst wrapping reducing the risk of RSI

Tighter and better pallet wrapping, reduces damages and freight claims

Helps conform to the new European legislation for freight and logistics

Doubles as lifting device for heavy items up to 80 kg\s

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