Over wrappers

We provide over-wrapping machines that range from low cost entry level machinery to high speed integrated systems. 
Whether your product is wrapped for a distinctive presentation or retaining the essences and fragrance of the product, Focus Packaging can provide a system tailored to meet your needs.

Suitable for the following industries – Cosmetics, Perfumes and Skincare, Confectionery, Food, Toiletries, Electric and Electronics or wish to apply a tamper evident over wrap to offer your product inside the carton as well as extra protection against pilferage.

Everything you need for over wrapping including materials.

Entry Level Over Wrappers

Table top hand operated over wrappers. Suitable for short runs and trials found in the following industries food and cosmetics and high presentation products. Can wrap up to 300 suitable size cartons per hour.

Base Seal Over Wrappers

Semi automatic

Trailing Edge Seal Over Wrappers


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