The hidden costs of hand wrapping

The Problems

  • Health and Safety
  • High wastage of film
  • Employs excessive labour

Perils of the journey

  • Bounce factor
  • Sway factor
  • Braking and accelerating
  • Inconsistent wrapping pattern

Cost of these problems

  • The cost effect of the return journey
  • Cost of free replacement
  • Cost of clearing up
  • Dissatisfied customer

The solution

Machine wrapping offers consistent and autonomous pallet wrapping without labour.
There is a machine for every application. (read more about our machines)

  • Static turntable wrapping
  • Overarm wrapping
  • Mobile robot wrapping
  • Inline wrapping
  • Orbital Wrapping

Machine wrapping films

Machine films are cheaper than hand wrapping by up to 50-60% because they wrap more pallets per roll, are thinner; stronger and consume less material per pallet wrapped.

The majority of these machine films are not subject to the plastic tax.

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