The hidden costs of hand wrapping

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the benefits of using machine wrapping instead of hand wrapping for your pallets.

Hand wrapping has been a common practice for decades, but as technology advances, more efficient and cost-effective methods have emerged.

Machine wrapping pallets offers several advantages over hand wrapping, including:

FeatureMachine WrappingHand Wrapping
TimeTakes a few minutes to wrap a palletCan take up to 20 minutes to wrap a pallet
ConsistencyWraps the same way every timeCan be inconsistent
CostSaves on labor costs and reduces wasteMore labor-intensive and can result in wasted film
SafetyReduces the risk of injury from repetitive motionCan cause back pain and other injuries

As you can see, machine wrapping pallets not only saves time but also produces consistent results, reduces labor costs and waste, and improves safety in the workplace.

Here is another comparison to illustrate some more of the benefits and drawbacks of machine wrapping compared to hand wrapping:

DescriptionMachine WrappingHand Wrapping
ConsistencyMore ConsistentLess Consistent
Labour CostLowerHigher
Material CostLowerHigher
Load StabilityBetterWorse

Machine wrapping uses less material than hand wrapping, which will help us to reduce our environmental impact and save on material costs in the long run. Finally, machine wrapping is also better for the ergonomics of our workers, as it eliminates the need for repetitive motions and heavy lifting.

I would like to encourage you to consider switching to machine wrapping pallets for your business. Not only will it improve your operations, but it can also lead to increased efficiency and cost savings in the long run.

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