Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is an innovative and versatile means to add value to your products.

Manufactured from sustainable resources it is a lightweight and easy to open solution for packaging foods and non-food products.
These regular stock items are available for immediate dispatch.
Other sizes and styles can be made to order call to discuss your requirements.

These are BRC Certified products made in the UK.

Titan Bags

This style of bag, has a back overlap seal and a crimp seal across the bottom which is folded over and a length of tape is applied for added strength. The tape application also creates a block bottom base to stand up better than a normal Crimp bag. The Titan Bag is used mainly for Whole foods, Pulses, Pastas, Granulated products, Salts etc and is airtight when sealed. They are a lot stronger than a normal Crimp Bottom Bag, Up to 2 kgs can be packed in a 50mu bag without the need to upgrade to a laminate.

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    • Materials Available
    • Polypropylene (OPP) and Laminate
    • Bio Degradable options
    • N/A
    • Compostable options
    • Natureflex and PLA
    • Popular Uses

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