Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is an innovative and versatile means to add value to your products.

Manufactured from sustainable resources it is a lightweight and easy to open solution for packaging foods and non-food products.
These regular stock items are available for immediate dispatch.
Other sizes and styles can be made to order call to discuss your requirements.

These are BRC Certified products made in the UK.

Crimp Bags

Our crimp bags are made from orientated polypropylene (OPP) – sometimes referred to as cellophane. Crimp bags can be flat or gusseted and made in various types of materials with stock and bespoke sizes available.

Eco Crimp Bags

The Eco range crimp bags are manufactured from NatureFlex which is a compostable film which is made from natural, renewable resources, such as wood pulp, and is both biodegradable and compostable which makes it one of the most eco-friendly products we offer.

Titan Bags

This style of bag, has a back overlap seal and a crimp seal across the bottom which is folded over and a length of tape is applied for added strength. The tape application also creates a block bottom base to stand up better than a normal Crimp bag. The Titan Bag is used mainly for Whole foods, Pulses, Pastas, Granulated products, Salts etc and is airtight when sealed. They are a lot stronger than a normal Crimp Bottom Bag, Up to 2 kgs can be packed in a 50mu bag without the need to upgrade to a laminate.

Crystal Bag (Side Crimped)

Side crimped bottom folded clear bag available with or without a bottom gusset.

Block Bottom Bags

Block bottom bags are made from polypropylene and open out at the bottom easily to fill your product. The rectangular base enables them to stand up nicely on their own. Block bottom bags are ideal for sweets, cakes and all types of confectionery. They can also be used for non-food products such as cosmetic items and potpourri. They can be heat sealed at the top or simply tied up with ribbon, string or lace. Available as Cross Bottom Bags, Square Opening Sachets, Block Bottom Bags with Card Base, Diamond Bags and Printed versions.

Stand Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches with a gusset base are ideal for tea, coffee, confectionery, pet food, soups, snacks, wholefoods and any non food products.

Cone Bags

The Cone bags are perfect for a variety of applications, particularly food products. Printing available by request. Manufactured in food grade cast polypropylene (CPP) material, they are predominantly used for confectionery goods such as sweets and popcorn.

Food Bags

Introducing a new way to package square cut sandwiches. With various types of loaves of bread, it is difficult to find a packaging solution that caters for all of them. However, this innovative new product gives you the flexibility to accommodate for sliced, bloomer and bespoke loaves.

Sideweld Bags

These bags are for lighter duty applications, generally for flat products such as greetings cards, labels, tissue etc. Bespoke options available !! They can have a bottom gusset but not side gussets. In addition, they can have a lip, for ease of opening, with or without a permanent or semi permanent self seal strip. Materials include; CPP (Cast Polypropylene) for a stronger bag, OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) for a clearer bag These bags can have a header area which can be reinforced and/or also with a euro perforation so you can then hang your product on display. Available plain or printed, our side weld bags are a cost effective way of packaging your product.

Film Sheets

Our plain film sheets could be the perfect packaging solution for you. Some examples of sheet uses include: wrapping candles, food stuffs (cakes, cheese, baguettes), soaps, sweets, cosmetics and toffee apples.

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