Carton Sealers

If you are sealing cartons by hand you can speed up this proess and save labour by using one of our semi automatic and automatic carton sealers. We have 3 types of carton taping machines that offer a fast and efficient method of erecting, closing, sealing and taping cartons. A fixed head, a self-adjuster and Flap closer taper and sealer.

Flap Closer and taper

Flap Closer and taper manual adjustment Side driving belts

Uniform Taper

Manual adjustment, height and sides Side driving belts

Random Taper

Automatic adjustment, height and sides Side driving belts or Top and bottom driving belt Specification: Tape: 1 1/2″, 2″, 3″ Speed: 23 Meters/Minute Capacity: (L) 120mm-unlimited (W) 100mm-610mm (H) 120mm-610mm Voltage: 100/110/220/230/240V 1-PHASE/3-PHASE Consumption: 500W

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