Autonomous Collaborative Robot Case Erector

The opening of corrugated cases is a labour intensive low value and long winded expensive task.

The current three carton erecting options are:

1/ Opening by hand is very slow and inefficient, with the surrounding area being taken up by ½ opened cases which then, have to be transported, by hand to their point of need when required.

2/ An alternative, is the manual opening with a semi-automatic flap closer and a small conveyor and base taping unit. Advantage, far faster than by the hand opening only, cartons on demand, frees up floor space. May open up other cost savings because of the conveyor belt.

3/ Then there is the fully automatic case opener, its sophisticated, its expensive with a large foot –print. It needs to be opening quite a lot of cartons to make it cost effective. It will also require a conveyor to spirit the cases away. Advantage no labour required.

The new kid on the block for the smaller to medium size sites is the Alpha CoBot Case Erecting System.

This way of carton erecting does not require labour. Each Alpha CoBot Case Erecting System is designed to accommodate the size of the carton and to fit it in to the existing packing area. It is built by Focus Packaging. Scope: – It will supply the correct number of cartons at the required rate. It will open the case, erect it, close the base flaps and tape them together and place the case where it is required for filling. Advantages, No labour involved, small foot print, no maintenance. When finished, the CoBot arm part, can be used elsewhere if required, for a different operation. Takes only minutes to reprogram.

Benefits of the Alpha CoBot Case Erecting System.

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces staff hours and repetitive strain on employees
  • Supplies cartons on demand.
  • Boxes are always opened perfectly with fast cycles.
  • Capable of erecting most box sizes. Styles 0200 to 0206
  • The Alpha CoBot can operate with no safety fencing, working with humans.
  • Smaller footprint compared to traditional box erectors
  • Low maintenance – compared to traditional box erectors that are very complicated.

Watch the video below.
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