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StraPack JK-2 – ON SALE – 20 machines available

RRP: £815
Our Price: £216


This is a semi automatic strapping machine is ideal for a variety of packaging applications. The JK-2 is solid and durable, manufactured using quality materials and is extremely quiet in operation, with a large tabletop providing ample workspace.

Machine key features:

  1. Automatic feed length with feed length memory
  2. Adjustable table height
  3. Capable of soft tension (for fragile packs)
  4. Easy strap width conversion
  5. Accepts 5, 6, 9, 12mm strap
  6. Robust Construction: Box section steel legs with locking roller castors, Stainless steel table top with fixed parcel stops.
  7. Adjustable Table Height: Adjustable in 20mm increments from 750mm to 850mm.
  8. Quick Start Up: Ready to operate in just 45 seconds = increased up-time.
  9. Strap Compatibility: Runs strap from 5mm – 12mm without additional parts.
  10. Normal or Soft Tension: Two tension modes available: Normal (3kg – 40kg) is suitable for most packs

StraPack i-10 – ON SALE – 20 machines available

RRP: £600
Our Price: £196


The StraPack i-10 is the latest StraPack semi-automatic strapping machine from Propac Machinery. Well suited for office, shop or small factory use, this compact,

affordable machine in a new aesthetic design offers reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance costs.

 Machine Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Legs: (table height adjustable from 755 – 905mm).
  2. Quick Start Up: (just 45 seconds).
  3. Runs strap from: 5mm – 15.5mm without change parts.
  4. Soft Tension option for delicate packs.
  5. Seal Time Extension for springy packs.
  6. Easy Maintenance

Strapping (£15 each)


1 roll of 3000mtrs of white 12mm strapping, ideal for use with a semi automatic strapping machine.
The strapping is on a 200mm x 190mm standard cardboard core.
Country of orgin: EEC

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