Pallet Wrappers & Pallet Wrapping Machines

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High quality efficient & robust semi-automatic and automatic pallet wrappers. All are H&S and EC compliant, come with a 6 months labour and 2 or 3-year parts guarantee dependent on the machine. We also supply quality pallet wrap, which you can order from us today.

Core BreakCore Break Pallet Wrapper Power Pre-stretchPower Stretch Wrapper Specials
Robot wrapper

Basic entry machine
Suitable for low volume runs
Light and heavy duty options available

Medium to high volume machines

200% or 300% stretch ratios

Specialist wrapping machines


Packing your pallets to keep them safe can be a difficult task if you don’t have a pallet wrapping machine. Running around a pallet multiple times to make sure that its covered in shrink wrap is unprofessional and doesn’t secure the products as well as a pallet wrapping machine would. Investing in a pallet wrapper would wrap and secure your pallets, fuss free!


Why Your Business Needs a Pallet Wrapping Machine

If you have a warehouse and store your products in a pallet you need to ensure that you are protecting the products inside, this is vital as you can lose inventory if you do not protect your products while in a pallet.

Businesses spend valuable time making sure that their products are ready to be sold, therefore to maximise your time and get make your products available, investing in a pallet wrapping machine will save you time.

Pallet wrapping machines only need to be operated by one person, meaning that you will save on labour costs as you will not need to employ someone to manually wrap your pallets. This means that you could spend your money on something else for your business. As well as this, the pallet wrapper can get the job done must faster and effectively than a human, hence saving you money, time and effort.


Benefits to Your Business of Having a Pallet Wrapper

There are many benefits that come with having a wrapping machine that can make your business life much easier, ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.


Less waste

When you use a pallet wrap machine you take away the difficult that comes with manual pallet wrapping. When you wrap pallets manually, a huge amount of the pre-stretched film that is used to wrap pallets is usually underutilised.

Using a pallet wrapping machine can stretch pre- stretched film up to 240 times its original length! This astonishing figure cannot be achieved by hand, therefore well worth the investment. This figure not only produces less waste but also saves you money as your resource will last longer.


Professional packaging

If you are looking for your products to be professionally finished with a clean look, you will have to invest in a pallet wrap machine as it will ensure that your pallets are covered with perfection.  You will not achieve the same professional finish that you achieve with a pallet wrapping machine using manual wraps.

If your pallets have a professional edge you will project a strong image of your business, therefore your products will be perceived as quality and value.

Pallets need to be wrapped securely to make sure that the products are safe and protected. However, this is not often being achieved with manual wraps as employees will have to wrap the pallet by hand.  Whereas a pallet wrapping machine can consistently wrap a pallet 50 times, ensure the products are protected and secure.




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